Armenian khorovats – barbecue, is another no less popular dish prepared from pork, lamb or calf, pre-marinated in a mouth-watering mixture of onion, salt, red or black pepper and then traditionally cooked on firewood. Let us say that the smell is too irresistible. Armenian barbecue is known all over the world. Khorovats is usually served with a salad of eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and greens again made on firewood or coals. Khorovats is the main dish for almost every celebration in Armenia and Artsakh. During Armenian weddings, the waiters bring out Khorovats dancing along the song of Khorovats. It is truly a symbol, a traditional element that takes a special delicious place in the life of Armenians. By the way, Armenians all over the world keep the tradition of making Khorovats and enjoying it with friends and family.

Also, an annual barbecue festival is held in Armenia! Participating in the festival, you can enjoy the taste of many varieties of barbecue prepared by both professional chefs and amateur cooks from different regions of Armenia.