Which airlines operate flights to Armenia?
Armenian and Russian airlines operate direct flights from almost all the big cities of CIS countries. "Flydubai", "Air France", "Aeroflot", "Qatar Airways", "Air Arabia", "Mahan Air", "Belavia", "Georgian Airlines", "LOT Polish Airlines", "Middle East Airlines", "Austrian Airlines", "Czech Airlines", "Aegean Airlines", "Ryanair" and other air companies operate direct flights from Dubai, Paris, Moscow, Tehran, Vienna, Prague, Kiev, Warsaw, Athens and from other cities. The timetable of the flights is presented on the website of "Zvartnots" International Airport.
Where can I exchange money?
There are currency exchange offices everywhere in Yerevan, especially in big 24/7 stores. Banks exchange currency, too. More details can be found on the rate.am website.
Is it possible to get a visa at the airport of Yerevan?
Upon arrival, it is necessary to apply to the corresponding department of the airport. In general, the procedure lasts for 20-25 minutes. The citizens of the CIS member-states, the EU member-states and the Schengen Acquis states do not need visa to travel to Armenia. For the visitors under 18 years old visa is free of charge. By the expiration of the visa dates, it should be prolonged at the Passport and Visa Department (Yerevan, 13a, Mashtots Ave). Visa can be also obtained prior to the arrival (online) by applying to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia: http://mfa.am/en/ More detailed information regarding visa provision can be found at the web page of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
What time zone is Armenia on?
Armenia Standard Time is 4 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+4). Starting from 2012, Armenia has abolished daylight saving time.
Do I need to carry my passport with me while going out in the city?
It is not necessary to carry your passport when going out of the place of your living. Just make sure to take it while exchanging sums exceeding 100 000 AMD. Referring to the tours, organized by our company, passport is needed to bring only on the days of the group tours with destinations Goris, Artsakh, Georgia for hotel check-in or/and border crossing, as well as during the individual tours having similar destinations and any tours with an overnight.
Which are the traditional dishes of the Armenian cuisine?
The traditional and most popular Armenian dishes are tolma (minced beef or lamb, rice and spices, wrapped in grape or cabbage leaves, or else stuffed in vegetables), khorovats (barbecue), kyufta (beef, beaten by a wooden hammer, mixed with onion and spices, served with butter), khash (a rich broth made of calves' feet and hoof), spas (Armenian yogurt soup), harisa (a thick, savory porridge of cracked wheat and pounded chicken or lamb), ghapama (rice, chopped dried fruits and raisins stuffed in a pumpkin). Lavash – Armenian traditional thin bread, is an integral part of practically any meal.
What hot springs are there in Armenia and how can I get there?
Armenia is famous for its hot springs in Jermuk, Arzni, Hankavan and Arzakan. Thanks to the healing qualities, they are widely used for medical purposes. There are numerous resorts and sanatoriums around the hot springs, where one can both undergo medical treatments and enjoy fresh air of the forests. It is needed to contact us so as we can offer and organize a quality health rest for you.
Is it possible to be hosted by Armenian families for a few days to get acquainted with Armenian everyday life?
We – Armenians, are a very hospitable nation and any guest is always welcome in our families. If you want to feel the real Armenian-family atmosphere, become a part of it and get immersed in our traditions, customs and habits, here is the right option: just contact us.
Is it safe to drink tap water?
Armenia is one of the exceptional countries where it is safe to drink tap water, the latter generally flows from mountain springs. Even in all towns and villages you can come across small water springs in the form of a stone monument (pulpulaks), which provide passers-by with free clean drinking water. Pulpulaks first appeared in the streets of Yerevan in the 1920s and over time became widespread as an integral part of Armenian culture.
Where can I buy souvenirs?
Souvenirs can be purchased in Vernissage, which is located in the centre of Yerevan, near the Republic Square. Numerous traditonal and contemporary art exhibits are sold here. There are also many other souvenir shops on Abovyan and Tumanyan streets.
How good is Armenia for trekking/hiking tours?
If you are an adventurous, venturesome person and without any fears of risks, for you we offer tour packages which include adventure tours in Armenia. Armenia has favorable conditions for organizing hiking and trekking tours. The combination of natural resources together with cultural and historical places of interest is making our adventurous country more suitable for hiking and trekking lovers who appreciate the nature and active type of travel. By purchasing our travel packages, you will be able to take part in interesting and unique adventure tours, including hiking trips, mountain climbing, visits to caves, jeep tours and so on. This is a great opportunity to make your visit to Armenia and Yerevan unforgettable.
What is the religion in Armenia?
Christianity was first introduced to this area by the apostles Bartholomew and Thaddeus in the 1st century AD. Armenia became the first country to establish Christianity as its state religion when, in an event traditionally dated to 301 AD, St. Gregory the Illuminator convinced Tiridates III, the king of Armenia, to convert to Christianity. Before this, the dominant religion was Armenian paganism, under the theological influence of Zoroastrianism.