Gata have had its unique place nearly in all festive celebrations. According to ethnographers in ancient times people usually made some symbols sometimes even crosses on gata in order to protect their families from an evil eye. They insist that gata also symbolizes the strength of the family, that is why during the weddings they usually dance with gata in their hands. Gata was also considered to be an important part of a New Year table. They usually hide a coin inside of  gata and the one who will get the piece with the coin will be the luckiest one during that year. There was also a tradition to cut a New Year gata on the back of the elder one in the family.
Gata – Armenian sweet bread that has several types. Each region of Armenia has its own way recipe of the sweet bread, and the main ingredients are puff, yeast or even unleavened dough, butter, flour, and powdered sugar.
In several regions of Armenia, salty gata is also prepared, which also has an amazing taste, and some people prefer it more than sweet one.
Travel to Armenia, taste sweet and salty gata, and decide – which one is more delicious?!