Zhengyalov hats is probably the most famous Arstakhian dish (a bread pancake with herbs), a very ceremonial one that tastes even greater when paired with wine, Artsakian wine. The preparation process is like a short documentary based on the real facts of course. It all starts with gathering around a family, surrounded by loving people, sweet talks and good news because good energy is essential during the cooking process. The tradition of preparation is accomplished by grown, experienced women who pass their secrets of baking to their daughters. The process is really magical; the dough is disclosed thin as paper, flat cake, and stuffed with a mixture of about 20 different varieties of wild and garden, finely chopped greens with vegetable oil.

Then it’s baked on a flat roasting pan called “sadj”. A couple of minutes and the “pie” is ready – hot, steaming and appetizing. It is so tasty to eat it scalding hot from the sadj! Red homemade wine completes the picture and stirs up the appetite. Zhengyalov hats is especially popular during religious holidays and it is like a small piece of heaven for vegans.