General provisions

This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) sets out the conditions and procedure for collecting, processing, saving and disclosing information about the physical person, allowing direct or indirect identification of the person (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data” or “Data”).

This Policy is an integral part of the Terms & Conditions. All provisions of the Terms & Conditions are applicable to the Policy unless otherwise provided by the and as much as it is applicable to the Policy. Capitalized words and phrases in this Policy have the same meaning as in the Terms & Conditions.

This Policy applies to the Website, the Services and to any other software used by the Company.

According to this Policy, “processing” means (regardless of the form and method of implementation, including the application of any automatic, technical means) any action or set of actions, related to collecting, entering, coordinating, saving, using, modifying, recovering, transferring, correcting, blocking, deleting the Personal Data, or other actions.

Data to be processed

For the purposes of this Website, only the Personal Data provided by You is used. That information must be complete, accurate and up to date.

During the use of the Website, the Company may process the following Personal Data provided by You:

  • The name, surname or the title;
  • E-mail address;
  • Address, phone number;
  • Additional information filled in upon Your request.

The Company does not collect or require Data from individuals considered minors (hereinafter referred to as “Minor”). The use of any Service of the Company by a Minor is allowed only with a valid consent of a parent or a guardian. In limited cases, as a purchase of specific Services or under other exceptional circumstances, the Company may collect and use data about Minors only with a parent’s or guardian’s consent. Тhe Company has no obligation to verify the authenticity of the information entered by the Website user, therefore, the Company is not responsible for collecting, processing, saving and disclosing the Personal Data, as a result of use of the Website or the Service(s) of the Company by a Minor, according to this Policy.

If You place an order and (or) buy any Service on this Website, but the actual Service is used by another person(s), then the Personal Data related to that person(s) shall be provided by You. It is Your responsibility to ensure that the person(s) about whom You have provided Personal Data is aware of it. You hereby acknowledge that the Company may use their Personal Data.

Even if You do not use the Services of the Company, the latter automatically collects certain information when You visit the Website. In particular: Your IP address, log-in date and hour, duration, data about gadgets being used, software settings, as well as data about the activities carried by You on the Website.

Data processing basics and objectives

Your Personal Data is collected, entered, saved, used, modified, recovered, transferred, corrected, blocked and/or deleted in accordance with the applicable legislation and Your valid consent (hereinafter referred to as “Consent”). The Consent enters into force once You enter the Website and/or fill in Personal Data, and remains in force until withdrawn. The usage of the Website means that the user accepts the conditions of this Policy.

The Company processes Personal Data with the intention to ensure the best provision of Services. The Personal Data is also used for You to register on the Website, to ensure uninterrupted access to the Website, for us to contact You, to know Your feedback, to inform You about special offers, as well as to protect the legitimate interests of the Company, if necessary.

The Personal Data processed based on the Consent will be retained for the period of time objectively necessary for the implementation of the data processing purposes or for the period specified in the Consent.

Your rights

According to this Policy, You have the following fundamental rights:


You have the right to receive information about Your Personal Data, Data processing, its basis and objectives, Data processor, its location, as well as about the circle of people to whom the Personal Data may be transferred.

You have the right to receive information about Your Personal Data processing, including those in regard to:

  • about the confirmation of the processing of the Personal Data and the objectives of processing; and/or
  • about the methods of Data processing; and/or
  • about subjects to whom Personal Data is provided or may be provided; and/or
  • about the list of Personal Data being processed and the sources of its acquisition; and/or
  • about the period of time necessary to process the Personal Data; and/or
  • about the possible legal consequences for the Data subject as a result of the Personal Data processing.


You have the right to access Your Personal Data, to request the Company to correct, block or destroy Your Data, if it is incomplete, inaccurate, out of date, obtained illegally or is not required to be processed in order to achieve its objectives.

You have the right to request the Company to delete Your Personal Data and to prevent its further processing, in case:

  • Personal Data is no longer required for the purposes it has initially been collected and/or processed for; and/or
  • Personal Data processing has achieved its goal; and/or
  • Your Consent has been withdrawn; and/or
  • there is no legitimate interest in continuing the processing.

In such cases the Company will be obliged to take the necessary actions to correct, block or destroy Personal Data immediately or, if not possible, within 3 days.

Should You have any doubts that Your Personal Data has been corrected, blocked or destroyed, You have the right to apply to the Personal Data protection authorized body with the request to find out, whether it has been corrected, blocked or destroyed, and to request to provide You with information.


You have the right to access Your Personal Data, which allows You to stay updated and to check the Data processing legitimacy.

To receive information about Your Personal Data, You can send Your inquiry to the following e-mail address:, or to the postal address of Armenia, Hrazdan, Kentron, building 4, 2301. In case of electronic inquiries, the information is provided electronically, with an electronic signature approved by the universal format, and in case of postal inquiries, with a return postal address.

In order to receive an official response, Your inquiry must contain the following information: the written description of the requested Data that You want to receive, including the corresponding dates, the copy/scan of Your identification documents: passport or ID.

The information is provided in written form within 5 days upon the receipt of the inquiry. The copy of the information will be provided free of charge. However, the Company may charge a “reasonable fee”, based on the administrative costs for providing the information, or it may refuse with a valid written decision, when the inquiry is obviously groundless, with reference to the applicable provisions of legislations, that has resulted in the refusal.


You have the right to withdraw Your Consent, in case You find, that:

  • Your Personal Data is being processed in violation of the requirements of applicable law; and/or
  • Your Personal Data processing violates Your fundamental rights and freedoms; and/or
  • the changes in the Website, Terms & Conditions or this Policy are not acceptable for You.

You have the right to withdraw Your Consent by sending a signed written letter to the address provided in Section 10 of this Policy, or by writing an e-mail message to the e-mail address mentioned in the same Section, and in case You have an Account on the Website, by sending a filled-in request-template from the “Account Settings” section. If the Company accepts Your withdrawal, You will be informed about Your Data destruction within 5 days from the receipt of your letter-request.

Responsibilities of the Company

Here are the main responsibilities of the Company, defined by the applicable legislation:

  • respect individuals’ fundamental rights and freedoms, in particular the right of Personal Data privacy;
  • process the Personal Data in a legitimate, fair, good faith and transparent manner;
  • collect and process Personal Data only for legitimate purposes specified by the Company;
  • destroy or block the Personal Data, which is not necessary in order to achieve a legitimate purpose;
  • make sure, that Personal Data is sufficient, corresponding and qualified for those purposes it is being collected and processed for, in a manner that allows You to find out as much as it is needed;
  • finalize, update, correct or destroy the Personal Data, that is incomplete, inaccurate, out of date, illegally obtained or unnecessary for processing purposes;
  • destroy Your Personal Data and stop its processing, in case of Your withdrawal of the Consent;
  • make sure, that Your Personal Data is processed with proper security, protecting it from unauthorized and/or illegal processing and accidental loss, destruction or damage by using appropriate technical and/or organizational measures;
  • make sure, that Your Personal Data processors maintain confidentiality regarding the process of the Personal Data, during and/or after the performance of official or work duties;
  • use encryption to protect information systems containing Personal Data from accidental loss, unauthorized access to information systems, illegal use, recording, destruction, modification, blocking or copying, spread of Personal Data and against other interference;
  • immediately inform You about any breaches of Your Personal Data processing;
  • appropriately respond, when You exercise Your rights within this Policy.

Personal Data protection

To ensure the protection of Your Personal Data, the Company takes appropriate security measures to protect the Personal Data system from unauthorized access, modification or publication.

For the effective and necessary protection of Personal Data the Company is guided by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia along with internationally defined legal and technical rules.

The Company protects Your Personal Data by providing access to it only for legitimate purposes and for processing by authorized persons, as well as by protecting the processed Personal Data from accidental or illegal destruction, accidental loss, modification, unauthorized or illegal collecting, processing, access and/or disclosure.

“Cookie” files

The Website uses “Cookie” files in order to personalize Your Personal Data, improving Website performances.

“Cookies” are small data files that are downloaded and saved on Your device when You visit the Website. That data allows You to automatically perform certain functions and save certain data and actions registered by You while using the Website. The Website uses “Cookies” for a number of purposes, such as for identification, security, functionality, preferences and analysis.

When You first log into the Website, click the “Accept” button and use the Website, You give your consent to use the “Cookie” files.

You can control the use of certain “Cookie” files in Your browser by changing the settings so that “Cookie” files are not downloaded and saved by Your device. In case You decline “Cookie” files, You can still use the Website, however, in that case there might be restrictions on some features of the Website.

Final Provisions

This Policy is exceptionally applicable to the Website and the Services that the Company provides. The Company does not control and is not responsible for those websites and services, to which the User may be redirected as a result of following the links in the Website.

Unless otherwise prescribed in the context of the Policy, the idea of the words in singular is also applicable to their plurals and vice versa.

The Company is entitled to unilaterally change this Policy any time, without any prior notice. Each change made (with a date) is published on the Website. It is Your responsibility to visit the Website from time to time in order to check Policy changes. The new Policy will have legal force and will be applicable to the relations and responsibilities that have arisen before publishing it in the Website.

The current legislation of the Republic of Armenia shall be applicable to this Privacy, including with regard to the rights and obligations of You and the Company, the interpretation, execution, consequences of failure to execute or improper execution of the Policy, the termination, the consequences of being null and void or invalid, the surrender of claim and the transfer of debt related to the Policy, without taking into account the conflict of law rules.

All disputes and disagreements, and/or claims arising in connection with this Policy, including their implementation, breach, termination or invalidity, are subject to regulation or resolution, according to the Terms & Conditions.

This Policy is available in Armenian, English, Russian, French, German, Italian and Spanish. In case of contradictions between texts written in different languages of the Policy, the Armenian version shall prevail.