Tolma tastes like the signature dish of an Armenian Mom. It has such a warm and delicate taste.The word “dolma” comes from the Urartian words “toli” or “uduli”, which mean “wine leaf”. Traditional Armenian dolma is a grape leaf stuffed with seasoned minced meat and rice. In ancient recipes, it can be seen that initially only a wine leaf was used for cooking. Later, cabbage, quince and blueberry leaves were also used. The first dolma recipe dates back to the 8th century. There are many types of dolma. Pasuts dolma is one of them. It is made from beans and grains. In ancient times, it was prepared at the beginning of spring, which symbolized the beginning of the agricultural year.

Since 2011, the dolma festival has been held annually in Armenia. The main goal of the festival is to preserve national traditions. More than 60 types of dolma are presented at the festival, as well as the longest dolma.